Collectie: Maison petit jour paris

Once upon a time...


Petit Jour Paris has been designing and distributing a wide range of children's accessories for over 40 years with characters from children's literature. 

The Little Prince, Pierre Lapin, Elmer, Barbapapa, Ernest and Célestine, Peppa Pig brighten up the daily life of toddlers (0-4 years).

Small children sleep, eat, play, learn, travel ... and Petit Jour develops products corresponding to these very young users. 

Since the creation in 1977 by Thomas Lettmann, the commitment of our company has remained the same: offer parents and children simple, design, functional and accessible products.

In addition to these collections, Flore and Marion (daughters of Thomas and twin sisters) built a second brand in 2017:

Maison Petit Jour, for a more colorful, more practical, more affordable and more fun everyday life.

We dream, imagine, design and manufacture accessories for early childhood. We offer toddlers their first dishes with matching bibs and aprons.

But also, for 0 to 4 years old, backpacks, pencil cases and baskets of all sizes. And this with a concern bordering on the obsession for quality and of course, with top drawings and illustrations!